Black Skinhead: Vic Mensa And The Distortion Of The Skinhead Subculture
Black Skinhead: Vic Mensa And The Distortion Of The Skinhead Subculture
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Vic Mensa Might Lose Nonprofit Organization Space After Landlord Allegedly Calls Rapper's "Camp America" Video "Disgusting"

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The landlord also said that the video was discriminatory toward white people.

Vic Mensa may lose the space where he operates his nonprofit organization because the landlord of the office doesn't approve of a music video the rapper released recently.

READ: Black Skinhead: Vic Mensa And The Distortion Of The Skinhead Subculture

According to Block Club Chicago, Laundi Keepseagle, the executive director of Mensa's Save Money, Save Life Foundation, and other members of the organization had tried to receive keys to their new office from their landlord, which has since been revealed to be Jim Mason. Instead, Mason proceeded to tell the organization members how they didn't like Mensa's music video for his song "Camp America," allegedly calling it "disgusting" and "discriminatory" toward white people.

Keepseagle tried to explain the meaning behind the video, which is based around a comment ICE director Matthew Albence's said comparing America's immigrant detention centers to summer camps. The video features white children in the detention centers and ends with a message stating: "There are over 13,000 immigrant children in U.S. custody today. What if it was your kid?"

"The reason why white children are depicted in the video is because America is turning a blind eye that these are children of color," Keepseagle said.

Still, Mason continued to voice his displeasure with the video and said he couldn't see how the organization could do "any good work if this is the type of thing Vic Mensa is doing."

Mason also tried to get Keepseagle to cancel the lease on the space for the nonprofit organization, and told her "everything will be difficult for you here on out" if she did not void the lease.

Mensa addressed the incident in a series of tweets on Tuesday, and claimed that Mason called him a "disgusting pig," as well as has a sign in his office that reads "If you don't speak english go back to Mexico."

"When told that the video was shedding light on the reality of migrants he said 'what happens at the border is none of my business' and that this was 'racism against white people,'" the artist tweeted.

"Keep in mind that this man owns apartments all thru Little Village, one of Chicago’s largest Latinx communities, yet cares nothing about the oppression they face," Mensa continued. "...This is the definition of white supremacy..."

Source: Block Club Chicago