Tupac Biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ Gets Summer 2017 Release Date

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Tupac Biopic 'All Eyez On Me' Gets Summer 2017 Release Date
Photo of 'All Eyez On Me' courtesy of YouTube.

Tupac Biopic 'All Eyez On Me' Gets Summer 2017 Release Date

All Eyez On Me, the biopic dedicated to the one and only Tupac, has finally gotten a release date.

In a report from The Hollywood Reporter the film is now slated to drop on June 16 of this year. The date marks Tupac’s birthday, who would be turning 46 in 2017.

The last trailer for All Eyez On Me was released nearly four months ago, on the 20th anniversary of the rapper’s death. The two minute clip goes through multiple parts of Tupac’s career: from his incarceration and getting singled out by at the time Vice President Dan Quayle, to becoming a rap superstar and ultimately becoming the face of West Coast rap during the West and East Coast rap rivalry of the ’90s.

The film has been in the making since 2011, facing a couple of hurdles including a lawsuit and more than one director departure. John Singleton, one of the directors that had initially signed on for All Eyez On Me but ultimately left, spoke out against the film.

“I haven’t watched it and I refuse to watch it,” Singleton said during a panel conversation at last year’s ComplexCon. “I know that they f**ked it up so I’m not even trying to give it any attention.”

“I told the company if y’all motherf**kers want to do this, you gotta get the f**k out my face and let me do this movie. His soul wasn’t going to rest unless this film was done right,” Singleton added. “They want to make the Tupac story that involves them and not the Tupac story. I did a great script and I thought they were going to go forward with it, but because I’m so mouthy and opinionated, some people don’t like to work with a black man in Hollywood who has an opinion. I knew they weren’t going to make a good movie at all and they didn’t.”

Well, fans of the late and great rapper will be able to make an opinion of their own when the movie drops during the summer.

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