Tracy Morgan Speaks On The World He Woke Up To

Tracy Morgan Speaks On The World He Woke Up To

Tracy Morgan On All The Fun & Misery He's Missed While In A Coma

The return of Tracy Morgan has been a tad bittersweet. On one hand, tributes to the man have been heart-wrenching and deeply sincere, reminding us of a rare comedic talent and just how much the man was missed by his peers and fans alike. On the other, it took months of rehabilitation and relentless work ethic to make a return even remotely possible.

But Tracy’s back, folks. And in a massive way. He’s already inked a deal to star in a new film alongside Ice Cube and Charlie Day and next month he’ll embark on a sprawling US stand-up tour that should put him back on the map as one of the best in the game. But with all that downtime on his hands, following two-weeks in a coma, Morgan has had plenty to reflect on in this new world. First and foremost, Donald Trump’s shameful, hate-spewing presidential candidacy and not too far behind, the revelation that the Star Wars universe has but one lonesome black man in all its galaxies far, far away. Though it may be best for you to hear it from the man himself. Watch Tracy Morgan speak on this strange new world he’s awoken to down below and jump back to peep his full list of forthcoming tour dates to catch him live and direct.

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