Tink Tell the Children Artwork
Tink Tell the Children Artwork

Tink Speaks Out On Poverty & Police Brutality With "Tell The Children" (prod. by Timbaland)

Tink Releases Tell The Children

It's certain that in the wake of last night's news out of Ferguson, Missouri, a torrent of new tracks addressing police brutality and today's unequal justice system are due to be released. An early sampling of what's to come, Tink has just today dropped "Tell The Children," a hard-edged rap track produced by legendary hip-hop beatmaker Timbaland. Filled with verses that tell the story of youthful struggles in the streets, basements, squad cars and media specials of America, Tink's rhymes cut especially hard given the timing of it all, and for his part Timbaland delivers a menacing bass pulse that only adds to the terror of the trials Tink details. Things get extra emotive in the Chicago rapper's second verse, which includes this rebuke:

A badge is a pass to do whatever

So now we living in fear of the people here to protect us

Yo, they lie and disrespect us, kill us, and then neglect us

The problem when nobody sees the view from our perspective

My people shed blood from the acres you had stole

Now my people shedding blood on the gravel left in the cold

How these news anchors talking 'bout the struggle

These niggas had it good, never had a pat down up in they hood

Never had to take a charge, never had to stop the car

Never had to hit the stands so you would never understand

Word is that Tink was has been busy working on numerous other projects with Timbaland as of late. Stay tuned for more updates on the symbiotic fruits of their labors.