Throwback Thursday: Top 10 Horrorcore Anthems For Halloween

Throwback Thursday: The Top 10 Horror-Core Raps For Halloween

Top 10 Horror-core Raps for Halloween

Happy Halloween, tricks! Like every other hip-hop DJ, radio station and outlet on the planet, we are raiding the tombs of forgotten vinyl and mp3s today, cuing up the scariest raps to assemble our costume party playlist. Yup. We remember Ghostbusters and “Nightmare On My Street,” too. Whodini’s “Haunted House Of Rock” – check. Geto Boys‘ “Mind Playin Tricks On Me” – check. But being as this is Okayplayer we hear that demon on our shoulder whispering for us to go a little deeper, a little darker. To dig 7 feet under, if you will. In that (cough) spirit, we (Shamz & Eddie STATS) are proud to present Okayplayer’s Top 10 Horrorcore Anthems For Halloween! Click through to get the 10 goriest raps from the genre so sick it’ll make your eyes bleed–not from woola blunts, I mean like they are actually sticking needles in your eyeballs. We’ve collected the monsters of rap that defined the sub-genre and dredged up a few bone thugs so obscure, these joints were buried under the crypt. Enjoy. IF YOU DARE.

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