Schoolboy Q + Isaiah Washington rep TDE live in Paris [Photo Gallery]

Schoolboy Q + Isaiah Rashad Rep TDE w/ NO(w)FUTUR Live In Paris [Recap + Photo Gallery]

We have been telling you repeatedly that OKP has Paris on lock. Truthfully, the NO(w)FUTUR crew–comprising DJ Simsima and our boy Mr. Mass–has Paris on lock and we just happen to be cool with them. At no point has that fact been underscored so forcefully as the time TDE-representers Schoolboy Q and Isaiah Rashad stormed France–and rocked the stage under the NO(w)FUTUR banner. Mr. Mass, being the visual-verbal 1/2 of the dynamique dio (DJ Simsima is the audio-mathematical 1/2) provided us with this recap–not to mention a gallery of framable photos, per his usual. Read below and stay tuned for more dispatches coming soon from the Paris streets.

I’ve spent two days in a row with Schoolboy Q in paris, thanks to Livenation France and their great taste in music, Sims was warming up, givin the crowd some love NO(w)FUTUR style. The quite young crowd but very reactive when nuts during his set bouncing and singing to every trappish hit (that moment when you know you’re too old is when you see a whole army of Q clones wearing fisherman hats and flowered jerseys and doin the “arms dance”–patiently waiting but totally focused on seeing their prophet Q.

Ater a quick break Isaiah Rashad stepped in for a 30 minutes get-the crowd-oh-so-freakin-ready for Q after us. For me he is the one who made the bigger impression. He has it all–skills, charisma, crowd control–and showed them during those 30 intense minutes.Then Q steps in. Prophetic. Crowd gone nuts from beginning ’til end like CRA-ZAY; so much energy in the room. Ina word: impressive.

The second day pretty much the entire who’s who of French rap from Chatoune to Joey Starr passin by…Cut Killer–pretty much EVERYONE was there to see that young sensation Q, burning up the stage…before this whole crowd ended up at an official NIKE x Q afterparty.

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