Tay-K Criticizes His Management & Label For Not Defending Him Against The Media: "I'm Not This Monster"

Tay-K Criticizes His Management & Label For Not Defending Him Against The Media: "I'm Not This Monster"

by Elijah C. Watson
November 25, 2019 11:46 AM

Tay-K Trial: Woman Accuses Rapper Of Asking To Borrow A Gun Before Home Invasion That Left A Man Dead

Screengrab via 21 CBS DFW

“The Race” rapper was recently indicted on a second capital murder charge.

Tay-K took to Twitter to call out his management and label for not speaking out in his defense against the media.

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In a string of tweets posted on Saturday afternoon (November 23), the rapper started off by apologizing to his fans before criticizing his management and label for convincing him “that it wouldn’t be a good decision to speak out against the way the media makes me look and the complete lies they spread…”

“…the way the media inaccurately portrays me has affected my life directly. So instead of waiting on my ‘team’ to get the bright idea to speak up on my behalf, things will be done differently…,” he continued.

“Of course I’m not perfect or nothing, but I’m most definitely not this monster that they try to portray me as. With that being said, I also apologize for the way I may have presented myself, I was young and inconsiderate,” he ended his statement with.

Tay-K is signed to Classic 88, which is led by RCA’s Senior Vice President of A&R, J Grand.

Last week, the rapper was indicted on a second capital murder charge.

the rapper is accused of shooting and killing Mark Anthony Saldivar during a robbery in Texas’ Bexar county back in April 2017. Tay-K was 16 when the shooting occurred. According to the lawsuit that the murder charge stems from, Saldivar was in a vehicle with “The Race” rapper and two other people, when he was robbed of his “expensive camera equipment” and then forced out of the vehicle.

Saldivar then “jumped onto the hood” of the vehicle to stop the trio from getting away before the vehicle pulled into a Chick-fil-A parking lot. Tay-K then allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot Saldivar to death.

The rapper was sentenced to 55 years in prison and fined $10,000 back in July. The charges were for the murder of Ethan Walker, which occurred during a home invasion robbery in Mansfield in 2016.

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