Tall Black Guy Delivers A Disco Remix Of Little Dragon's "Pretty Girls

Tall Black Guy Little Dragon

Nobody out there could have been ready for this one. Tall Black Guy, already the odds-on favorite for 2015 SoundCloud MVP, has delivered a bit of Dilla-fied disco on his new edit of Little Dragon’s 2014 single "Pretty Girls." Built atop a steady kick, giddy synth bass and chords that perpetually swirl with no signs of coming down, the flip is a bright new take on LD’s pensive more-pensive original. It’ll get toes tapping in the club, kitchen, car and all points in between.

Tall Black Guy released the single with a heartfelt thank you message to his fans, expressing gratitude for the feedback he’s gotten—but really, we’re the ones who’ve been blessed. The Detroit beatmaker has hit nothing but home runs in recent months, with cuts like "Leaves Us To Say Goodnight" and "Far From Human" elevating the caliber of his music to a whole new level. It’s safe to say that Tall Black Guy is one of the best beatmakers alive today, and if the deep filagreed layers of cats like Madlib, Pete Rock and, once again, J Dilla really do it for you, TBG deserves a place on your go-to playlist.

Listen to the remix below. It's five minutes of absolute fire.