Step Brothers (Alchemist x Evidence) - Lord Steppington [Artwork + Tracklisting] & "Ron Carter"

Step Brothers (Alchemist x Evidence) - Lord Steppington [Tracklisting] + "Ron Carter"

Evidence & Alchemist

The Step Brothers (Alchemist x Evidence) have been making music as a duo for years, and have been talking about a collabo album for just as long. Though after awhile it started to sound like one of those brilliant hip-hop ideas that will never happen (*ehem M.A.R.S. *ehem). Thankfully, I’m wrong, and their collabo LP, Lord Steppington will be out via Rhymesayers on January 21st, 2014. With the last Step Brothers track, we were told we’d get the LP next month, but it had to be pushed due to manufacturing issues. Below, you’ll see the full track listing, with features from Action Bronson, Roc Marciano, Blu, Fashawn, Rakaa Iriscience, Oh No, Styles P, Domo Genesis, and The Whooliganz with Ev and ALC handling all the production. The official first single, video, and pre-order will be out November 19th. For now, we get a free non-album cut, “Ron Carter,” check it below, as well as some words from Ev on the song.

1.) “More Wins”

2.) “Dr. Kimble”

3.) “Byron G” f/ Domo Genesis & The Whooliganz (produced by Evidence)

4.) “Legendary Mesh”

5.) “No Hesitation” f/ Styles P

6.) “Swimteam Rastas”

7.) “Mums In The Garage” f/ Action Bronson

8.) “See The Rich Man Play” f/ Roc Marciano

9.) “Banging Sound” f/ Fashawn

10.) “Step Masters”

11.) “Tomorrow” f/ Rakka Iriscience & Blu

12.) “Draw Something” f/ Oh No

13.) “Buzzing Away”

14.) “Just Step”

***All Tracks Produced By Alchemist unless otherwise noted

The beat kinda reminded me of “We Are The World” -especially the drums. If you listen to 2:12 of “We Are The World,” you will hear what I’m talking about. The rap style was inspired by a group called Big Fortune that recorded a classic album in 1987, but unfortunately had to disband due to Lenny, the bands lead DJ. Lenny became self destructive and ruined everything. David Letterman’s dressing room was the last straw, in 1989, when Chico punched Lenny and sent him into a coma. He died weeks later and Chico was sentenced to 25 to life, for involuntary manslaughter. Still a classic to us, though. Step Brothers pays homage to Lenny, Chico, & all of the Big Fortune team.

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