UK Soul: Omar x Caron Wheeler "Treat You" video

UK Soul: Omar - "Treat You" f/ Caron Wheeler [Video Premiere]

Omar x Caron Wheeler - "Treat You" (video premiere)

If you didn’t get the news: Omar‘s back. Fortunately for serious music heads, he brought along fellow UK soul traveler Caron Wheeler (of Soul II Soul fame) for a cameo on the scintillating “Treat You”–a standout from his new album The Man. Today that excursion gets its official video and Okayplayer is proud to host the world premiere! In pixel form as in the song, Omar and Caron’s image phase in and out of each other, blending in moody layers of light and shadow–much as their voices do in the audio mix. Altogether a note-perfect translation of an historic singer-on-singer combination, not to mention a hell of a love song. Watch and enjoy, get the full backstory on the track below (an excerpt from The Okayplayer Interview with Omar about his new project)–and hit the links that follow to cop The Man via iTunes.

Omar  (on Working with Caron Wheeler for “Treat You”):

Caron Wheeler was another godsend coming out of the…there was a Soul II Soul reunion that I attended and she was there. I was like, You know, I have this tune you might sound good on and she said, Oh yeah, let’s have a go. And she sent me her vocals from New York and everything that she put down, I basically used because everything she did was so sweet, you know? We go back years, from really back in the day, because she sang backing vocals on my second single “You and Me.” This is before Soul II Soul, so having her on the track now is like a repeat of history, really.”

>>>Purchase Omar –The Man (via US iTunes) 

>>>Purchase Omar –The Man (via UK iTunes)

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