Sonnymoon - "Transparent Times" [Official Video]

OKP Premiere: Sonnymoon Shares Intimate & Hypnotic Video For New Single "Transparent Times"

OKP Premiere: Sonnymoon - "Transparent Times" [Official Video]

Anna Wise & Dane Orr AKA dynamic music duo Sonnymoon have had a massive year by our count. Wise’s recent set of features on Kendrick Lamar‘s critic-proof To Pimp A Butterfly and linking with creative kin Orr for their reverie-inducing The Courage Of Present Times LP earlier this year, have made for wavy, wondrous sonic seduction in just the last few months alone.

And now we’re honored to bring you yet another taste of that exceptional piece in the video for their latest single. “Transparent Times” is a robust excursion, capturing an innate propensity for minimal, yet intricate vocal layering that cuts bone-deep over staggered handclaps and “Love Supreme”-ish low-end licks, all mounting to a chorus of howls that caps off the intimate homegrown session. The supporting visual seizes the moment of cosmic conception perfectly, as a camera swirls around the huddle of singers, all contributing in equal part to the moody, seemingly impromptu, majesty of the moment.

Side-bar: Anna first described this video concept to us a couple months ago, in roughly these words: “I’m imagining having my friends all in a circle, representing different backgrounds.” Looking at the final product, she literally spoke it into existence. What looks to be totally spontaneous one-take session (it is) is also a very deliberate blend of her lingering vision and spirit come to life.

If you’ve yet to explore Sonnymoon’s catalog, please do jump back and have at it, because for some time now these Berklee alums have been gracing us with eye and ear candy that will certainly catch and keep you. Step into the circle with the video for Sonnymoon’s latest single “Transparent Times” below and keep your eyes on us for the next move from one of the left-field’s finest. Grab your copy of The Courage Of Present Times on iTunes today.

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