Son little lay down art
Son little lay down art

Son Little Offers Loving Tenderness On His New Single "Lay Down"

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A well-made song can bring on a pause. A brilliant song brings all of life to a stop. On his new single "Lay Down," Philadelphia-bred songwriter Son Little offers listeners a deep kind of stillness, conjuring up lamplit walls and bedsheets creased by the arms of someone you love. Outside the world clamors with mouse clicks and text alerts, but in the slow dance of "Lay Down," all things are calm. Son Little's voice coats taut guitar chords and echoing keyboards, offering up a performance that would be just as moving in a cappella form. "Let your hair down and pull the curtains / Let me see you in the light / Just lay down, your words are worthless / Let me hold you through the night," he asks, so certain that one embrace can solve the troubles of two people.

"Lay Down" premiered Tuesday at Pigeons & Planes, and in an accompanying interview, Little divulged a bit of its inspiration. "'Lay Down' is a love letter. And it’s a conversation between my voice and my guitar," Little said. "I’d never try to make something sound like it came from the past—I’d find that very boring. However, I’d never try to mute my influences either. There’s Jimi and Curtis and Sam and Otis in there."

The single will appear on Son Little's upcoming self-titled debut LP, which is due out on October 16th via ANTI-Records. Listen to the sublime "Lay Down" below and read more of Little's interview over at P&P.