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Playwright Behind 'Slave Play' Called Racist By White Woman During Q&A

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Video of the exchange has since surfaced on social media.

Jeremy O. Harris, the playwright behind Slave Play, was accused of being "racist against white people" during a recent Q&A that followed a performance of the play.

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According to a report from BuzzFeed, the unidentified woman had raised her hand to ask Harris a question, but he called on someone else. From there, the woman then stood up and directed her remarks onstage, telling Harris that she "doesn't want to hear that white people are the fucking plague all the time."

In video capturing the exchange, she went on to say that she has been a victim of rape, false arrests, having her children taken away, and "being told as a single woman [she's] not good enough to fucking raise them."

"How the fuck am I not a fucking marginalized member of this goddamn society?" she asked Harris.

"I never said you aren't," he replied. "I never once said that you as a white woman were not a marginalized person. But if you heard that in my play, I don't know what to tell you. Perhaps read it or see it again."

Elsewhere during the Q&A, the woman spoke at Harris again and shouted that she was tired of hearing a "whole bunch of stuff about how white people don’t get how racist they are" and about a time "300 years ago."

"This isn't every white person," Harris responded. "This play is about eight specific people — and if you don't see yourself up here, that's great. You aren't one of them. ... These are eight specific people that are in a play, which is a metaphor for our country."

The video of the confrontation has been shared throughout social media, with Harris himself also sharing the video.

In an interview about the exchange with the Washington Post, Harris explained why he let the woman speak.

"It would have been hypocritical of me as someone who said from the beginning, I wanted this to be a play that sparked conversations," he said.

Source: BuzzFeed