Skrillex May Have Bought The Secret Wu-Tang Clan Album

Did Skrillex Place The Winning Bid On The Secret Wu-Tang Clan Album?

Did Skrillex Place The Winning On Bid On The Secret Wu-Tang Clan Album?

[Update: Well, if there was ever a time for the ever enigmatic Cilvaringz to step out from his mountain retreat to clear the air, this is certainly it. Billboard has secured a statement from the crafter of this highly-coveted 1-of-1, claiming that his post on the Wu-Tang message boards was nothing more than forum fodder. You can all exhale now.]

After much internal deliberation and plenty of external contention, it appears that the secret 1-of-1 pressing of The Wu-Tang Clan‘s Once Upon A Time In Shaolin may have gone to a rather unusual suspect in EDM champ Skrillex. Speculation began when the album’s silver-plated vessel (which we caught a glimpse of all those months ago) recently appeared at the end of a vicious visual for the electronic producer’s new single “Fuck That,”(directed by the great Nabil) but Cilvaringz (the sonic sculptor of that extremely limited piece) appears to have confirmed the winning bid from his Moroccan mountainside estate with a plain and simple “yup” when the purchase was questioned on the official forum for the foundational rugged-n-raw crew.

The alleged 20-years-in-making project has been touted by Wu-architect RZA as an effort to realign the worlds of high art and music, but (seeing as how no one’s actually heard the album yet) none of us laymen have yet to reap the rewards of the venture, and I’m beginning to doubt that it will ever be the case. And while it appears that all is said and done in regards to the final ownership of The Wu-Tang Clan’s prized 5 million dollar opus, I doubt any of  will be sleeping well until a receipt turns up. And you can bet that we’ll be waiting. Here’s hoping no one’s taken a second mortgage out on the crib.

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