Read A Book: Questlove’s ‘Something To Food About’ To Feature The World’s Best Chefs

Questlove Something To Food About Book Cover

The original hip hop drummer continues his rise as one of the best hip hop authors. Questlove has formally announced his third book, a passionate love letter to food and the modern chefs who insist on pushing the culinary envelope. Something To Food About: Exploring Creativity with Innovative Chefs will be a 240 page journey into the inner lives of the most creative figures in today’s food culture and emphasize their dedication and artistry.

Word of the new food book was teased by the drummer on his late last month, but now that the formal announcement has arrived, we have a much clearer picture of what to expect when it finally arrives on April 12th, 2016. Structurally, the book is a compendium of conversations between Quest and chefs including Daniel Humm, Dominique Crenn, Ludo Lefebvre, Nathan Myhrvold, Donald Link and many more. Questlove made today’s big announcement through his Instagram account, and explained his motivations for the new endeavor:

This was a journey (a fun tasty one at that) into the lives of Culinary Creatives. When I took my journey to Japan to eat #Jiro’s sushi I was shocked that he referenced himself as an Artist. Not a chef. I was thrown for a loop but it made total sense to me. I was willing to shell out good money and travel at a moments notice more than 21 hours for 18 pieces of sushi. Soon after I never looked at food’s role in our lives the same.

“Can Food be Art? Can Art Be Food?” he went on to ask, stressing that the answer lies in the lens(es) you look through. And how about that cover? The image is the work of Reed Barrow, styled after Guiseppe Arcimboldo. Questlove describes the artist as “was a 16th century Italian painter who made portraits of people in the mannerist style out of fruits, vegetables, fish, books and other novelty objects.”

Something To Food About (#STFA, for short) is already available for pre-order; set your own early copy aside over at Amazon.

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