RapLords feat. JJ Jabber - "2015 Excursions" [Official Video]

OKP Premiere: Drive Slow w/ Milwaukee's RapLords In A City-Slicked Clip For "2015 Excursions" ft. J.J. Jabber

by zo
October 22, 2015 2:09 PM

OKP Premiere: Cruise Milwaukee's Streets In RapLords' New City-Slicked Clip For "2015 Excursions" ft. J.J. Jabber

With their self-titled debut as RapLords mere weeks away, Milwaukee emcees Dana Coppafeel and SPEAK Easy are looking to put their city on the map. And while they maybe new comers to our little plot, their keen combination of playful verbiage and cooled-out cadence makes for a compelling new force in the rap game. Take, for instance, today’s offering; a city-slicked video for the second single off the forthcoming record “2015 Excursions,” wherein the wavy, piano-looped production of the group’s third member, DJ Mammythgets fit to a whirling and twirling lens that captures the essence and warmth of their hometown, assisted by fellow midwestern mic terror J.J. Jabber.

So here’s one for the hazy-hearted. Watch the new video for RapLords “2015 Excursions” below and if it’s as good to your eyes and ears as it’s been to our own, preorder your copy of their debut record via Bandcamp today ahead of its November 10th release to hear the trio connect with the likes of Skyzoo, Guilty Simpson, Open Mike Eagle and plenty more.

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