Black Thought Live at Lets Move It Philly

Black Thought, Truck North & STS Live At Let's Move It Philly Benefit

Black Thought live at Lets Move It Philly benefit

The one Black Thought turned out the Let’s Move It Philly event held on February 16th at illadelph’s Sigma Sound Studios to benefit his beloved GrassROOTS Foundation (only one of his many sidelines, as we was just touching on yesterday), sharing the mic with The Roots a-phillyates Truck North and STS.  The beats are ratchet to the point of “Rack City,” the audio is crunchy to the point of being Not Safe For Earphones and the rhyme prowess is tough to the point of must-watch. Turn the volume down on your iDevice and enjoy freestyles on “Rack City”; “Otis”; “I’m A Coke Boy”; “Same Damn Time”; “Lemonade” and more below:

shouts to HHS87TV

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