Raised By the Wolves — Fall/Winter 13 - Streetwear

Raised-By-Wolves Took Montreal By Storm With Their Fall '13 Streetwear Collection

Gone are the days of do-cool-stuff-slash-basic-boring-presentation being synonymous with streetwear. Now, there’s so many brands out there that you have to differentiate yourself from other labels. It’s all about stepping up and challenging your creativity. Accordingly, Raised-by-Wolves put down a heavy stamp to present their Fall 13 collection. When we discovered this new capsule, we thought: “Are they the street-style-setters?”  Off the runways and out of the studios, the evocative label leads us through the streets and subway of Montréal to experience their lookbook, along the way emphasizing the fine work that has been done by Trashhand, who captured a raw city with great reliefs and graphic elements in its architecture. The garments are likewise raw and deceptively simple, but the fabric choices and bold text and color fields make the collection special. You can purchase here.

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