Raekwon Breaks Down "Criminology" on 'Inside The Verse' - Okayplayer

Raekwon Breaks Down "Criminology" on 'Inside The Verse'


This one dropped at the end of last week, but I wasn’t about to let it slip through the cracks. Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is one of the best albums ever made, and Raekwon’s verse on track #4, “Criminology,” is nothing short of deadly (though Ghost probably came through even stronger, if I’m being honest). While doing a promo run for his recently released F.I.L.A. LP, Raekwon stopped by the DJ Booth offices. Listen as Rae breaks down the realness of “Criminology” for their ‘Inside The Verse’ series. Raekwon’s Fly International Luxurious Art is in stores now.

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