R. Kelly’s Crisis Manager Resigns Following CBS Interview

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R Kelly Charged With 11 New Counts Of Sexual Abuse
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UPDATE: R. Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, has resigned following his televised interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning.

Johnson sent a statement to media representatives Monday night saying he was stepping down for “personal reasons” and that Kelly is in “good hands” with his attorney, Steve Greenberg, according to a report from The Daily Beast.

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R. Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson appeared on CBS This Morning with an update following his new sex crime charges.

Kelly is currently being held in a Chicago jail without bond on federal sex crime charges. Prosecutors in Illinois and New York charged the singer with a combined 18 counts, including child pornography. He is facing195 years in prison on the Chicago charges alone.

According to a report in CBS, he is slated to appear in court in Brooklyn next week.

Johnson told CBS host Gayle King that Kelly is “a mess right now. He’s afraid, he’s scared, he’s isolated,” and said he’s “absolutely” concerned about Kelly harming himself in prison.

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At one point in the interview, King asks, “You have a 20-something-year-old daughter. Would you allow her to be alone with–” and Johnson interrupted responding, “Absolutely not.” “R. Kelly?” King finished, before Johnson said, “I would not leave my daughter with anyone who’s accused of pedophilia,” he said.

In response to kelly’s two live-in girlfriends, whose families say they are being held hostage and manipulated, Johnson said, “I haven’t seen anything that would cause me to be suspicious.”

On Kelly’s finances, Johnson says Kelly is living off royalties and added, “fans and friends gave a lot of donations.”


Watch a clip of the interview above.

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