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Quincy Jones Doesn’t Think Too Much Of Michael Jackson’s ‘XSCAPE’

Quincy Jones Doesn’t Think Too Much Of Michael Jackson’s ‘XSCAPE’

Quincy Jones Doesn't Think Too Much Off Michael Jackson's 'XSCAPE'

Quincy Jones knows his fair share about Michael Jackson. Recently he was asked by Jian Gomeshi on CBS Radio program for his thoughts on the new mostly Timbaland produced XSCAPE LP. Q replied :

“They’re trying to make money. And I understand it. Everybody’s after money, the estate, the lawyers. It’s about money,”

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Aside from being at the helm of MJ’s three best-selling records — Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad respectively — Q has had a lifetime’s worth of experience with the Jackson family, as he is currently in the midst of a lawsuit for millions of dollars worth of residuals from a slew of other project that were released after Jackson’s untimely passing by the estate and Sony Music, who is also named in the suit. Those projects include the film This Is It, the Cirque De Soleil production and the 25th anniversary reissues of Bad, all of which used MJ and Quincy’s scores as a focal point, none of which have properly compensated the timeless hit-maker according to the suit. While the most recent posthumous release took plenty of care in not using material from Q’s sessions, there is something rather unremarkable about recycled vocal demos, no matter how big a Jacko-whacko you are. Where ever you lay on the subject, XSCAPE is out now and can be purchased via iTunes today. How do you feel about the new album? Let us know down below.


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