Questlove DJ's #DontStealPossible Rally w/ Artist Greg Lamarche

Visual Culture: Questlove DJ's #DontStealPossible Rally & Mural Painting w/ Artist Greg Lamarche

by karaslamb
October 03, 2014 12:43 PM

Questlove took a stand against the education crisis in NYC this week at the #DontStealPossible rally in NYC’s Foley Square where artist Greg Lamarche completed a massive mural with city students. The crew worked on the 8 ft. x 160 ft. mural while Questlove manned the 1’s and 2’s to entertain the massive crowd of 21,000 parents and teachers with some help from the Success Academy Bronx 2 Dance Team. Questo commented on his decision to join the demonstration, which called for “bold, urgent action to expand access to great schools“:

“This morning I took a stand for kids education. Every child deserves a good school and a great education.” – Questlove.

The mural is the first of five that Lamarche will be unveiling in each of the five boroughs in the coming weeks. Check the photos above for a taste of the event and keep an eye out for more as the murals roll out. Get more on Greg Lamarche and his work via greglamarche.com. Follow the #DontStealPossible hashtag on Twitter and learn more about the movement via dontstealpossible.org and Families For Excellent Schools.

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