First Look Friday: Queen Magic Brings Dreamy R&B From His Bedroom To Yours [Exclusive Interview + Video Premiere]
First Look Friday: Queen Magic Brings Dreamy R&B From His Bedroom To Yours [Exclusive Interview + Video Premiere]

First Look Friday: Queen Magic Transmits Dreamy R&B From His Bedroom To Yours [Exclusive Interview + Video Premiere]

First Look Friday: Queen Magic Brings Dreamy R&B From His Bedroom To Yours [Exclusive Interview + Video Premiere]

2015 is both a strange and wonderful time to consider oneself a musician; a time when one could rather easily open up their laptop and compose a score that would have had a yesteryear producer climbing up the walls in frustration, diligently searching for the perfect waved-out key tone or the snare with the crispiest crack. All of which is mere clicks away to the modern-day music man or woman. But millennial ease in traversing the technological divide is really only one side of the rubix cube here; in order to line up every color just right in the musical matrix, one must have the forethought and creative spark to do so, not to mention a keen sense of composition and songwriting to guide the effort and make the ever-coveted human connection.

One such musician of the bedroom-studio era is LA via Melbourne do-it-all Queen Magica relatively new name on our radar, but one we've become quite fond of for his ethereal, synth-and-drum-machine-loaded sonic concoctions. QM's calling card is one that's embossed with delicate notes, touching on chill wave, shimmery '90s r&b and shades of the purple funk, all paired to a dynamic set of vocal abilities, ranging from sky-high falsettos to pitter-patter raps (think Dam-Funk & Frank Ocean's musical lovechild.)

Today we have the pleasure of debuting Queen Magic's inaugural set of visuals for the sleek, whispery new single "Said That You Wanted"; a collaborative effort with fellow west coast wizard Taylor Graves. The video -- helmed by Superteam Studios -- fits a grip of expressive, emotive dancers with the dreamy cut, amplifying the vibes ten-fold as they move and contort themselves ever-so gracefully, until the last chord fizzles into the air. Watch the cerebral video for Queen Magic's "Said That You Wanted" below and scroll down to get acquainted, as he granted us an intimate glimpse into his dreams, the rising war between DJs and musicians, where he's been and what's on the horizon.

OKP: Queen Magic is..

QM: A project that I started over a year ago in my bedroom in Melbourne.

OKP: With LA’s music scene growing broader and deeper all at once, how does Queen Magic fit into the fold?

QM: I have been here two and a half months and really loving the music scene here. So far I've seen Thundercat jump up on stage with my bro Taylor Graves (who I produced 'Said That You Wanted' with) in a small club in NoHo to Justin Timberlake getting onstage with Taylor Swift at Staples Center. This place seems to have it all. I have my first show 9pm on Monday at The Satellite, so I guess we'll find out.

OKP: Is the synth-heavy pop-tinged stuff the new texture of the time/region or something you hold on to from an older (or better) era?

QM: For me, I like the early 70s synth sounds from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye and a lot of 90s/early 00's Pop RnB vibes. But electronic synth based pop is definitely going strong right now. The biggest difference between then and now is accessibility. You can make music in your bedroom for next to nothing now. There is also a lot of vintage 'analog' inspired gear around at the moment that's cheap so everyone can get their hands on something that sounds great and make music that way.

OKP: Describe your greatest influences in music, literature, film or otherwise.

QM: I have very lucid dreams that inspire a lot of what I write. I am inspired by people and places I go to and adventures that we go on together. I recently explored an abandoned mansion in Bel Air that inspired a new song. Planning a trip to Joshua Tree next week for this very reason.

OKP: Who are some of your dream collaborators?

QM:Devonté Hynes, The Internet, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Andre 3000, Hiatus Kaiyote. I wouldn't even have to be a part of it to be honest, I would be happy sitting in the corner watching, creeping.

OKP: What’s on the horizon for Queen Magic? What’s left to accomplish?

QM: I am writing and recording an EP at the moment. Well at this stage it's an EP, I want to take my time and grow with it and see where it takes me. I have been collaborating with different artists and producers here in LA as well as back in Melbourne. And I can't wait to show you when it's done.

OKP: 10 years down the line, Queen Magic is…

QM: In 10 years it will be the proper future. I struggled making my 5 year plan so this is a whole other ball game. After the 3 year war between the DJ’s and Musicians, Queen Magic will still be making hit after hit, selling out the Staples Center and getting Taylor Swift up as a guest singer.