Quasimoto "Planned Attack"

Quasimoto "Planned Attack"


I’ll eat crow on this one, I really didn’t think that Quasimoto album was coming any time soon, but luckily I was wrong, very wrong. Stones Throw just officially announced that the latest Madlib creation, Yessir Whatever, will be coming out June 18th. To go with the announcement, we get this head-nod-inducing album cut “Planned Attack.” The 12-track LP was recorded over a roughly 12-year period (though y’all know this type of ish is timeless), you have heard some of the songs before, but they’ve now been mixed and mastered for the first time. Physical copies of Yessir Whatever will come with a peel-off cover sticker as well as a bonus 7-inch single (pictured below, art by Jeff Jank).



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