Prince Is Bringing The 'Hit & Run' Tour To The States In A Series Of Surprise Shows

Prince Announces He'll Tour The States In A Series Of Surprise Shows

Prince has announced that he's bringing his Hit & Run tour to the US of A for a series of surprise shows this spring. And while we knew a tour was in the works when his double release Art Official Age and Plectrumelectrum hit the top of the charts back in November, it now appears he and the ladies of 3rdEyeGirl will be running across the states in what seems to be the only manner he knows; total spontaneity. Louisville, KY will be the first city graced with The Purple One's presence on March 14th, with tickets going on sale Monday via Live Nation, which appears to be the beacon as far as figuring out where he'll pop up next. So for those of you who care to bear witness to the electric sermon he'll be conducting, your best bet in terms of forewarning will be obsessively hitting the refresh button, as The Kid ditched his entire social media presence late last year. We'll also be doing our damndest to keep you all in the loop, so be sure to hone in on our Twitter and Facebook pages for the scoop. As for the rest of ya, happy hunting.