Prince Takes Over Arsenio Hall Show, Debuts "FUNKNROLL" [Performances & Interview]

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Always a man of his word, last night Prince made good on a silent promise from last week, taking over The Arsenio Hall Show and giving the late-night talk-show host the interview he had always hoped for and performing a couple classics, while also giving us a peek into what he's been cooking as of late. Turns out its just omelets. In all seriousness though, Prince churned out exemplary renditions of B-side gold "She's Always In My Hair," "Mutiny"-- a live go-to for the Purple One, written for The Family, assisted by the NPG on-stage-- and debuted live "FUNKNROLL," the latest gem to be unveiled from the Plectrumelectrum LP, which still has no firm release date.

Before he took to the stage, our funky purple patriarch sat candidly with Arsenio, allowing his host gush a bit on hanging out when they were young, successful entertainers in Hollywood. They waxed on a pretty wide range of topics; everything from addressing Prince's technological abstinence-- not owning a cell phone-- to what he prefers to cook to how he's managed to take on social media --Princestagram-- to how not being signed opens him up to take time with an album, defying the single-based market. All in all, It was a treat for all the purple disciples in the audience--and on stage-- mounting anticipation for the new LP to heights unimaginable. Hopefully this is the beginning of the roll-out for the new album, but you'll just have to stay tuned to be sure. Also, in crowd conducted interview after the show, Prince stated that his pet peeve was when people touched his hair. So, yeah. Don't do that. You can watch all of the performances and his shockingly open interview below.