President Obama Doesn't Approve Of The Suicide Squad

President Obama Doesn't Approve Of The Suicide Squad

This past week President Obama gave what will likely be one of the last speeches of his presidential career at the Democratic National Convention. But before he leaves office he has one more important job to attend to: keeping the Suicide Squad (or Task Force X) program active, although he strongly disagrees with everything it stands for.

Leading up to the release of the Suicide Squad film this Friday (August 5) DC has announced a Suicide Squad takeover for their newest Rebirth releases, which includes first time issues of Suicide Squad: RebirthHarley Quinn: Rebirth and Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Boomerang.

The first issue of Suicide Squad: Rebirth finds Obama infuriated to discover what Amanda Waller and her task force of rogues has been doing behind his government's back. Although it's never explicitly stated that the president is Obama, it's safe to assume that he is because, well, he looks almost exactly like the current Commander-in-Chief of the Unites States.

He states that "The Suicide Squad is finished" but ultimately relents after Waller promises to bring in a U.S. military official — Colonel Rick Flag — to operate as the American people's representative on Task Force X. It's an incredible interaction to see, especially Waller, fearless and straight face, telling Obama why the Suicide Squads needs to be around.

"It's a sick, nasty world, and bad things have to be done to protect the American people from things they can never know about," Waller says in the comic. "That the Justice League can never know about. That you can never know about."

Sure, this isn't Obama's first cameo in a comic book, but it's always interesting to see comics blend fantasy with real life. Suicide Squad: Rebirth drops August 3, so definitely pick up a copy to see what happens with the team. As for other Suicide Squad-related news, watch the cast of the forthcoming movie talk about how Jared Leto went "full Joker" during filming, on Good Morning America.