President Donald Trump Says Drug Dealers Should Get the Death Penalty

Donald Trump has a scary new plan

President Donald Trump has a radical plan to help combat the opioid epidemic in the United States: give the death penalty to drug traffickers.

He made the suggestion during a speech in New Hampshire, on Monday afternoon. The location was not an accident; New Hampshire, in particular, has been hit massively by the opioid epidemic. The state's overdose rate is twice the national average.

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During the speech, Trump said:

We can have all the blue-ribbon committees we want, but if we dont get tough on drug dealers were wasting our time...And that toughness includes the death penalty.

Trump didn't offer to create a new law. Instead, he wants the Department of Justice to be more aggressive with some of their current laws. Right now, if someone is killed intentionally during a drug deal prosecutors could pursue the death penalty. The death penalty can also pop up with Kingpins who have moved a lot of weight. However, the feds have never tried to pursue the death penalty in this instance.

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Watch a piece of Donald Trump's speech below.

Source: CNN