Soopacrzy Mirrors of Self
Soopacrzy Mirrors of Self

OKP Premiere: Soopacrzy Strives To Sculpt Reality On "Imagination Lane"

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Out of Atlanta with a bold voice and sprawling dreams comes Soopacrzy, the MC name of one George Brown. Only a week remains until the release of his Mirrors of Self EP, which showcases his burgeoning talent over the smooth, sheeny beats ofLos Angeles producer GDNA, and now, whetting appetites, Okayplayer is very proud to premiere the record's debut single "Imagination Lane." Keyboards smooth and modern coat a mid-tempo, Dilla-style beat while Brown contemplates which of his internal visions might someday turn into lived reality. It's a track that celebrates the long and weary hours of a young recording artist trying to find his place. Soopacrzy sounds slightly reminiscent of the Lupe Fiasco of a bygone era, opening himself up on a track that makes it easy to recognize your own visage. "Imagination Lane" is truly an encouraging mirror. See yourself; keep grinding.

All of this was made possible by Darker Than Wax. A progressive label founded in Singapore that now reaches ears across the globe, DTW provided Brown with his first step into online recognition through their Free Download series. Brown submitted a remix that proved too strong to ignore, immediately showing promise as a young talent that stood apart from the typical Atlanta scene. GDNA reached out, the two began sharing material online, and now Mirrors of Self is the full fruition of that partnership. The two connected over a love of the Soulquarians, Things Fall Apart and the creative work of J Dilla and, Brown's personal MC hero, Common. "I love Common's lyricism, his topics and delivery. His presence. Everything about this guy is just amazing to me," he told Okayplayer.

Brown has been rapping since he was 13, and sees himself keeping to his craft for many years to come. Following his new EP, more collaborations with GDNA are sure to follow. But when he himself really imagines what might come, years in the future, Brown again looks to his hero. "Performing in front of Common or one of my favorite MCs--that's motivation for me."Mirrors of Self is already available for pre-order on iTunes ahead of its September 18th release. Listen to the world premiere of "Imagination Lane" below and keep both ears out for more from this promising project.