Premiere: Darren Morgan's "Thinking About You" Is Your New Summer Slow Jam

Premiere: Darren Morgan's "Thinking About You" Is Your New Summer Slow Jam

Dublin upstart Darren Morgan delivers a slow-burning summer soul record.

Dublin may not be the most obvious wellspring of soul music on the planet, but it’s brought us Darren Morgan and we’re quite grateful for that. On August 23rd, Morgan will release his debut Thinking About You EP, and today we have the pleasure of bringing you the project’s namesake track; a brilliant slow-burner that pulls from modern and classic soul equally, applying vocal lines that would make Justin Timberlake blush to a distinctly Otis Redding framework. I don’t envy the modern soul smith one bit, as they’re undertaking is striking the perfect balance between revival and revision, but Morgan does it right. All feels, no cheese, no corn. And if the rest of the project hits this impeccable balance, we could be in for the sleeper soul record of the year upon its arrival.

Get acquainted with the smooth-as-all-hell Dublin transplant down below and if it’s good to your earhole, pre-order your copy of Darren Morgan’s Thinking About You EP on iTunes today ahead of its official release. Stay tuned for more on Morgan’s moves in the weeks and months ahead as we creep closer to the project’s release.

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