Black Church In SC Receives $2,000 Donation From Former 'Terrible Racist'

Black Church In SC Receives $2,000 Donation From Former 'Terrible Racist'

Predominantly Black Church In SC Receives $2,000 Donation From Former 'Terrible Racist'

Photo by Josh Morgan for WLTX19

A predominantly black church in South Carolina has received an unexpected $2,000 donation from an anonymous donor who claimed to be a former “terrible racist.”

The donation was received a few weeks ago by the Nicholtown Presbyterian Church in Greenville, South Carolina. Accompanying the donation was a letter in which the anonymous donor explained why he was donating the money to the church.

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“I am white and used to be a terrible racist,” the letter, which is dated May 13, begins. “Thanks to Jesus and the Holy Spirit acting through the Presbyterian Church, I have been cleansed of that. I send this donation as a heartfelt apology to the African American community, as a sign of God’s love for you and as a sign for my love for you as well.”

“If you were ever looking for proof that Jesus and the Holy Spirit are alive and well today, and that miracles, just as in Biblical times, still happen today, this is it,” the letter added. “Apart from Jesus and the Holy Spirit, acting through the Presbyterian Church, this transformation never would have happened.”

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“Hearing his testimony…in a sense he had been changed from a particular mindset,” Michael Sullivan, Reverend of the church, said to Fox Carolina.

Sullivan said the money will go towards starting new programs for the youth in the area, including a program that will transport neighborhood children to and from church on Sundays, as well as provide them with breakfast.

“It’s like a miracle,” Beverly Kelly, pastor of Mattoon Presbyterian Church and moderator of the session for Nicholtown Presbyterian, told the Greenville News. “That mission has been something from Sunday to Sunday, and we always find some way to feed them.”

Source: FoxCarolina.com

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