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Here’s O.T. Genasis’s Reaction To His Song Appearing In Beyoncé’s Coachella Set

Here’s O.T. Genasis’s Reaction To His Song Appearing In Beyoncé’s Coachella Set

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“This is lit right here.”

After Beyoncé used a section of O.T. Genasis‘s song “Everybody Mad” as a part of her legendary Coachella headlining performance last weekend, the rapper admitted he was shocked.

Bey mixed the Long Beach rapper’s 2017 track with her own song “Diva” while executing a glorious, choreographed routine as her marching band played along. Genasis, who, at the time, was busy in the middle of his own tour and hadn’t seen the performance, told TMZ his phone started blowing up. “Everybody was basically telling me that, ‘Beyoncé was dancing to your song at Coachella.’”

His first reaction to the news?: “What the f*ck?!”

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“I actually watched it myself and I was like, ‘Oh, this is lit right here!” He continued, “I sat there and I was like ‘not only did she play my song, but the band played to it.’ You actually have to put that together and be at rehearsal and say ‘hey, we want this to sound like this’…That’s just dope, especially since I didn’t really get the credit I felt I deserved for the song when I made it. For her to realize that, man, and to show me love, that was crazy.”

According to TMZ, the Queen Bey’s midas touch has  given “Everybody Mad” a significant boost in sales and online streams.

“Now that’s lit,” Genasis wrote in a post on Instagram, before shouting out the BeyHive.

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(You know Bey’s influence is real when a Gangsta rapper opts to use bee emojis.) Beyoncé is slated to return to Coachella on April 21 for the festival’s second weekend. Expect more buzz from the hive.



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