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OKP Premiere: The Code Offers Up Aural Intoxication On “Sedative”

OKP Premiere: The Code Offers Up Aural Intoxication On “Sedative”

The Code Sedative Art

The Code Sedative Art

British electronic outfit The Code is no stranger to the smolder. Singles like “Azure” and “Electronica” have helped to solidify their position as talented groove-crafters, discerning in their arrangements and plenty alluring in their lyrical style. Their sound is one of neon lights and long shadows, of steam drifting through an alley where gasps and moans echo.

On their latest single “Sedative,” The Code pushes even further into this space. With beautiful electronic drums clattering just right and auto-tuned vocals sliding in and out of view, the effect is intoxicating. “Sedative” is the fourth and final single before the duo releases their upcoming Blue Electronica EP. “’Sedative’ is about coming down from an electric high, it represents a contrast of emotions,” The Code told Okayplayer. “There’s no limit with this track. It’s deep in the spectrum of trance, sex, serenity and lust. There’s a raw power yet soothing ambience that surrounds ‘Sedative’ it’s an electronic high.”

“To us and to many blue is the colour of the sky at its clearest and the sea at its purest,” they continued. “Electronica is deep in the spectrum of music, having its own field from minimal to trance, the drugs, the lights, the sex and the serenity.” Listen to the world premiere of the track below, presented by Okayplayer. And maybe turn down the lights while you’re at it.

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