Electric Wire Hustle Tell Origin Tales On RBMA's 'Fireside Chat'
Electric Wire Hustle Tell Origin Tales On RBMA's 'Fireside Chat'

OKP Premiere: Electric Wire Hustle- "Numbers And Steel" [Lyric Video]

Electric Wire Hustle Tell Origin Tales On RBMA's 'Fireside Chat'

Forget all of the obvious Soulquarian references that could be implemented here (that's like so 12 years ago) Electric Wire Hustle is hitting the ground running with "Numbers And Steel", the debut single of their upcoming sophomore LP Love Can Prevail / Blackwater. For those unfamiliar with this New Zealand based ferocious four-piece, they've been on our radar for years now and they're kind of a big deal. These fellas have found the ever-coveted balance between the various shades of J Dilla that we find throughout the record's production (with the hazy, slightly behind drums) and the sweet soaring falsettos of Here, My Dear era Marvin Gaye, that adds layer after layer of soul-strutting texture, providing the biggest push in contemporary hip-hop and R&B that we've seen in years.

Lyrically, "Numbers And Steel" is very much a call to detach from the mechanical nature of metropolitan living. The group's Mara TK explains:

"This track is a response to city life; there are references to Capatilism in there, birds of prey, red lines, uprising, digging for change, Numbers and Steel'."

Those mechanical sentiments are echoed in the production itself, with big, almost industrial kicks and a drowned out snare. Not to mention, some driving strings and subdued synths lingering behind the beat that embellish the sentiments of battling the overwhelming opus of a city's white noise. With a few new additions to the EWH roster in Philly's own Mario Crew handling the drums and a new thumper in bassist Johnny Lawrence, the group's production duo Mara and Taay, is itching to bring the new line-up and follow up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut state-side. And we can't wait to have them. Our Aussie fam can get a peek in to their new bag later this month as they will be touring to support the ill new effort. You can peep the lyric video for "Numbers And Steel" below, but keep your eyes and ears peeled to the Okay-realm, as we will be premiering new dopeness from this progressive and funked-out four-piece soon. Electric Wire Hustle's Australian tour dates listed after the jump and you can download the single "Numbers And Steel" for free through their site tomorrow.

Australian Tour Dates:

- Melbourne (Section 8) 21&22 November
- Auckland (Cassette Nine) 23 November
- Masterton (King St Live) 27 November
- New Plymouth (The Mayfair) 28 November
- Wellington (James Cabaret) 29 November