The OKP Van Damme t-shirt

Van. Damn. [The Okayplayer x Van Damme T-Shirt]

Van Damn: OKP x Van Damme t-shirt

We are bemused to present the official Okayplayer “Van Damn” t-shirt, recognizing and immortalizing the splits game of b-grade action star and kickboxing icon Jean-Claude Van Damme, who yesterday (actually who knows when he did it but the clip hit the web yesterday) did the splits with one foot on the top of two separate Volvo trucks, in a videotaped demo of Volvo’s precision steering (True story. Watch below).

Because sometimes life presents you with situations to which the only appropriate reply is: “Okay, player.”

>>>Purchase the “Van Damn” T-shirt here (via the Okayshop)

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