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Okayplayer’s Complete Guide To SXSW 2015

Okayplayer’s Complete Guide To SXSW 2015

Okayplayer's Guide To SXSW 2015

Okayplayer SXSW 2014

Hold on to yer butts, Music Industry…it’s that time of year again. SXSW is once more descending upon Austin, Texas like one big, loud twister of exciting new music, people who write about exciting new music (and drink beer) and established pop stars trying to maintain (or regain) that new car smell of being an exciting new musician. Call it a Hit-storm. And if you’re one of the fortunate souls making the trip through (and snagging an all-access badge) then you’re likely overwhelmed by the sheer density of fantastic artists playing the festival, as it never seems possible that there are more cool things going on than there were last year–until there are.

But take heart–Okayplayer has done the dirty work for you. From fashion labels to record labels, blogs, magazines and radio stations (‘member those?), we’ve compiled and collated what are without a doubt the greatest artist showcases across the boards of hip-hop, r&b, funk, house and barbecue (just kidding). So get out your itineraries and put your FOMO out to pasture with the rest of the Texas cattle. Here for you (in more or less chronological order) is the Complete OKP Guide to South by Southwest 2015.

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