Okayfuture Video: Cubic Zirconia "Take Me High" (Bart B More Remix)

Cubic Zirconia was already pretty damn Okayfuturistic even before this club refix turned the time machine up to 11 on their dirty disco jam "Take Me High" with its ravey builds and sizzling acid house snares (pure Future Sound of Chicago, despite the B More sub-title). As usual, renaissance bitch (I mean that in the most respectful way possible) Tiombe Lockhart directed, edited and produced the visuals as well as belting out the chorus. Which means at some point she was sitting around daydreaming about having lasers of joy shooting out of her bejeweled VJJ in a darkened nightclub and then started doodling the storyboard for this video. Which makes me feel much better about some of the shit that goes through my head when I am supposed to be working. Oop, there I go again. Back to the grind!