Okayafrica Video: Nneka Stuns On An Acoustic "Shining Star"

Okayafrica Video: Nneka Stuns On An Acoustic Rendition Of "Shining Star"

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Photo by Oluwaseye

Armed with only an acoustic guitar and her gently captivating voice, Nigerian singer-songwriter Nneka paid a recent visit to Brooklyn, and let Okayafrica tag along. Nneka performed a scaled-back and beautiful rendition of “Shining Star” off of her recent Soul Is Heavy LP while perched near Tom Fruin‘s iconic stained glass house, just a stone’s throw from the stately Brooklyn Bridge.

Nneka told Okayafrica that that “Shining Star” is “about being hopeful regardless of what’s happening around your environment — there’s a lot of negativity in the world at present — this song is about endurance, perseverance and keeping yourself positive.” And that’s exactly what radiates from her performance: positivity. It’s almost impossible not to smile as she weaves melodies between her spacious chords, the low ambient noise of Brooklyn becoming a kind of comforting static. “Shining Star” is a about finding refuge and admiration in a loved one, but with its hook, “Oh shining starplease don’t look down on me / Oh, what you are?” the song also makes it clear: it’s all about cooperation, not codependence. Watch the video below and treat yourself to Nneka’s latest album My Fairy Tales, which is available on iTunes today.

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