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Okay Space Explores Themes of Real Love In New Exhibit

Okay Space Explores Themes of Real Love In New Exhibit

How do you define Real Love? Is it measured in physical connection, through the exploration of communication through love language, or is it through words, through music, through art? There is a multitude of ways to illustrate the most elusive emotion, so this Valentine’s Day, the Okay Space put a handful of New York City creatives to the task.

Opened on Valentine’s Day and on view until February 24th, Okay Space is currently hosting Real Love, an immersive 11-day experience dedicated to both the grand and the smaller gestures of love.

Curated by Mr. StarCity and Bebe Low, this show features a diverse set of all NY-based artists whose mediums range from painting to photography, to graffiti and performance art.

We’ve opened up our space, both physical and digital, to allow these artists a place to answer the question: How do you define Real Love? Check back to this space daily for updated videos by the artists featured in the exhibit as they define Real Love.

Theophilus London on Real Love:

“Real Love to me is…actually, I don’t know what real love is. I feel like I am still searching for that. I don’t want to say that I am so wise I know what real love is. […] I hope I know the answer when I am like 65.”

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Check out Okay Space to purchase Theophilus’ prints from the Real Love exhibit.

The Okay Space is located at 281 N 7th Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. All pieces on exhibit are for sale in-gallery and online at Okay.Space.


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