OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick Chop & Screw Hannibal Buress

Happy Birthday Hannibal Buress! Download "Gibberish Rap" Chopped & Screwed Mix By OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick

OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick Drop A Chopped & Screwed Rework Of Hannibal Buress' 'Gibberish Rap' With The New Single 'Purple Gibberish'

UPDATE: In honor of Hannibal’s birthday today, we’re making “Purple Gibberish” available for download!

>>>Get the track here.

Comedian Hannibal Buress“Gibberish Rap” gets chopped & screwed by OG Ron C and DJ Candlestick on the brand new rework entitled “Purple Gibberish.” The Clams Casino production – a chart-topping single in Norway – has been given a heavy rework by the Chopstars representatives, effectively extending DJ Screw‘s time-honored sound into the pantheon of comedy. The Chopped Not Slopped remix follows the premiere of Hannibal Buress’ Live From Chicago stand-up special on Comedy Central, which arrived on March 24th. The song originally conceived by Buress and his designated selector DJ Tony Trimm has been making waves since its arrival as the lead single for Buress and Trimm’s Charcuteries & Champagne mixtape, which dropped in 2013. Musical everyman, Sama’an Ashrawi offers some personal insight on the rework conceived as a surprise for Buress and premiered by REVOLT:

I wanted to surprise Hannibal Buress for 1) the release of his new Comedy Central stand-up special, Live From Chicago, and 2) for being so awesome. So I got chopped & screwed legends OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick to chop & screw Hannibal’s “Gibberish Rap” and turn it into “Purple Gibberish,” and it’s really awesome. There may or may not be an Amber Rose cameo.

Check out the track below to listen to “Purple Gibberish” aka “Gibberish Rap Chopped Not Slopped”. Check out Hannibal Buress’ Live From Chicago stand-up special on Comedy Central. Stay tuned for more.

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