Off-Duty Illinois Cop Pins Black Teen To Ground, Threatens His Life
Off-Duty Illinois Cop Pins Black Teen To Ground, Threatens His Life
Source: Facebook

Off-Duty Illinois Cop Pins Black Teen To Ground, Threatens His Life

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A video of an off-duty police officer pinning a black teen to the ground and threatening to kill him in Illinois has surfaced on social media.

In a report from WGN9, the incident occurred Saturday afternoon in Lansing, Illinois, when two teenage boys got into a fight with another group of boys. The two teens managed to escape and, unbeknownst to them, ended up on the porch of an off-duty police officer, as one of the friends tried to see how bad the other was attacked.

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"I was examining him. I was going to go tell his grandmother," Jordan Brunson said. From there that is when the cop came out of nowhere and grabbed both Brunson and his friend, and ultimately led to an altercation between Brunson and the cop.

"You guys are on my fu**ing property," the cop can be heard saying in the video while pinning the 15-year-old Brunson to the ground with his knee and his hand on the boy's neck.

"Let me go," Brunson says, with the cop responding "No, you are on my fu**ing property. I could fu**ing kill you." Brunson claims that the cop never identified himself as such nor did he ask the teens what they were doing on his property or to leave throughout the altercation.

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Brunson's aunt Lashawnya Brunson posted the video Jordan's friend recorded to Facebook and said that the cop's behavior is outrageous.

"If he wasn't an officer, just a regular man would they do the same thing? No, he'd be locked up," she said.

Following the incident, the Lansing Police Department released the following statement:

An off-duty Lansing police officer, outside on his personal property, became involved when he was approached by two other subjects involved in the fight. One of the juveniles had visible minor injuries, and the other was temporarily detained for further investigation until the arrival of on-duty officers.