Notorious B.I.G. - "Hypnotize" [Led Zeppelin Remix] + Rare UK TV Diary Ca. 1995

Notorious B.I.G. - "Hypnotize" [Led Zeppelin Remix] + Rare UK TV Diary Ca. 1995

by zo
November 15, 2013 6:32 PM

Notorious B.I.G. hypnotize remix from Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page

Bed-Stuy’s beat-bomber Notorious B.I.G. has gotten the Led Zeppelin treatment with Jimmy Page‘s remix of Biggie’s smash “Hypnotize.” The aptly named “Ramblize” features a mash-up of Big’s verses from the track over some chops of Led Zeppelin’s “Ramble On,” putting the brooding BK rapper over LZ’s acoustic rock riffs, with some boom-bap embellishment in the clap-happy drum track. It’s a novel and nobel effort from the British guitar hero, but ultimately falls short of other mash-up treatments he’s received in the past (i.e  Sinatra v. Biggie- Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy or even the playful Miley Cyrus v. Biggie- “Party And Bullshit In The USA”)

In other Biggie news, an exclusive interview with the BK emcee conducted by the UK program Passengers. The interview (which is filmed entirely in BK) features Big reminiscing over his old Brooklyn block and explaining the struggles of his adolescent self, the turmoil of growing up pushing in Bed-Stuy, the transition from a hustler’s life to that of a major recording artist and even how he first came to love the herbal. It features excerpts from talks with Lil Kim, Faith EvansJunior M.A.F.I.A. and even features a cameo from a young Diddy. Then to round out our Biggie hat-trick for the night, Bun B delivered an interview with Juan Epstein in which he talks about meeting a 20-year-old Big and how he struggled to shake some of the old habits of street-life (like say, only sitting in the back of the car and making sure the door was open in case someone tried to snatch him) even in what was supposed to be a casual smoke session. You can listen to “Ramblize” here and check out both Biggie’s mid-90’s UK TV spot and Bun B’s Juan Epstein interview below.

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