Nite-Funk's "Let Me Be Me" Channels Late '80s Janet Jackson

Nite-Funk's "Let Me Be Me" Channels Late '80s Janet Jackson

Nite-Funk's "Let Me Be Me" Channels Late '80s Janet Jackson

Throughout the past several years Dam-Funk (Damon Riddick) and Nite Jewel (Ramona Gonzalez) have dropped tracks together under the name Nite-Funk. “Am I Gonna Make It,” their first collaborative song, showed potential but the two’s contributions were imbalanced, Damon’s vocals overpowering Ramona’s sparse synth lines (which makes sense considering the two made the track on the spot, for an episode of XLR8R’s web-series Tune In An Afternoon).

But in time the lovers of groove and funk seemed to find a formula when they dropped “Can U Read Me,” a sleek track about desire that was arguably one of last year’s most underrated releases. “Can you read me / There’s something I’m keeping to myself,” softly croons Ramona as synths bubble on top of clapped snares and 808 kicks. “Can U Read Me” showed what the two were capable of, creating a hauntingly soulful song that you could cut a step to and cry to.

Now the duo has returned with “Let Me Be Me,” which could be described as the aftermath to “Can U Read Me.” Forget desire: Ramona wants to take a night out on the town whether someone comes along or not. “I wanna go out in the street” declares the singer, powered by buzzy synths, upbeat percussion and guitar. If late ’80s Janet Jackson is something you find yourself wanting in new music, then this track is definitely worth a listen.

“Let Me Be Me” comes from Nite-Funk’s forthcoming debut EP, which drops July 1. Earlier this month, Ramona dropped her third full length album Liquid Cool. The nine song release served as the follow up to 2012’s One Second Of Love, with the Los Angeles singer-songwriter revisiting the electro pop sound she began her career with.

Damian’s last full length release was last year ‘s Invite The Light, which featured everyone from Junie Morrison and Leon Sylvers III to Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip.

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