Good News You Never Knew You Needed: Nikki Giovanni's "Love Poems" Is Coming to Vinyl

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Soon, you'll be able to hear the legendary poet read her work on wax.

Harper Collins Publishers and Wax Audio Group have announced a new vinyl edition of Nikki Giovanni's Love Poems, slated for release on October 15th.

The famed poet's latest collection, Love Poems, embodies the same passion and wit that informed and inspired generations.

“You can take that wax out of your ears

and be sure your needle is sharp

wrap yourself in a light weight quilt

and a lover in your arms

and embrace Love Poems

Winter, after all, is coming.

We may as well get ready”

— Nikki Giovanni, July 2018

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“What a joy it is to share the sound of Nikki reading her work with a wider audience," HarperAudio Publisher Ana Maria Allessi said in a statement. "What fun it is to work with Wax and ThinkIndie to expand the distribution of our stellar recordings.”

Fans can listen to an audio sample and place pre-orders here.