First Look Friday: The Visions- "Never Ending" + "Evaporate Me"
First Look Friday: The Visions- "Never Ending" + "Evaporate Me"

First Look Friday: The Visions - "Never Ending" + "Evaporate Me"

First Look Friday: The Visions- "Never Ending" + "Evaporate Me"

It's not only First Look Friday today, it's the very First Look of the year, and we're christening this recovery week with the premiere of "Never Ending" and "Evaporate Me"--two new tracks from Brooklyn-based blue-eyed funk trio The Visions off their upcoming record Wishing Well. Emulating the sonic fortitude of some of the most iconic three-piece line-ups (Band of Gypsies, CREAM, the various line-ups in studio for the Voodoo Sessionsthis trio comprising brothers Ben & Mike Shugarman and Ryan Brooks infuses contemporary pop structures with a deeper and bluer range of moods, arriving at a deceptively simple sound that manages to meld sophisticated boogie funk with the melancholy seduction of modern r&b in the vein of Sonnymoon or Frank Ocean.

If that sounds like a lot to claim, it is; based on these two tracks Wishing Well--currently slated for a February 1st release--is an early contender for superlatives. "Never Ending" is a lilting specimen of a love song which places lush synths, clean guitar textures and the delicacy and swing of Dilla-inspired drumwork under a whispery tenor with the puppy-love appeal of a boy band.  "Evaporate Me" takes that formula to the disco, slipping into "Strange Relationship" mode (two-steppers rejoice) that recalls the franco-funk of Phoenix or the jazz dance of Jamiroquai. Stream both tracks below and scroll down for live dates here in NYC if you want to hear more from The Visions. We do.

1/16/14-The Way Station

2/4/14-The Shrine

3/1/14- Ella Lounge

3/8/14- Otto's Shrunken Head

3/29/14- Alphabet Lounge