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First Look: young UK soul singer Rainy Milo

First Look: young UK soul singer Rainy Milo

Singer Rainy Milo is that rare breed of talent that comes along about as often as a blue moon and captures the attention of the world with (almost literally) the very first note out of her mouth. After releasing her single “Bout You” at the behest of friends, Milo’s sound began a healthy buzz that immediately lead to a bidding war before she left high school. Overwhelmed by the attention, Milo elected to retain her independence and retreated to the studio just long enough to record and release the Black & Blonde EP. She resurfaced as the head of her own label with the founding of the Limey imprint on EMI/Universal. That would be a rather impressive coup for any artist. The fact that Milo found herself in that position before the age of 18 is an amazing testament to the caliber of talent she possesses.

The emergence of the South London phenom has added another solid player to an already deep bench of vocal powerhouses and cool groups coming out of the UK lately. The most endearing and interesting thing about Milo is that her sound feels more representative of the youthful subculture of South London than the electro-experimentalism or soul revivalist sounds that many outside of the UK have come to expect from artists across the pond. Writing with a diarist’s candor and a maturity that belies her age, Rainy Milo brings an aesthetic to the table that is utterly individual and decidedly fresh.

>>>Stream Debian Blak’s “Bout You” Remix (via Okayfuture Premiere)

If she needed any further endorsement of her ability, world-renowned UK tastemaker and DJ Gilles Peterson featured Milo on the Brownswood Bubblers 8 compilation and hosted her live in session at the Brownswood Basement for a somewhat stripped down performance of “Bout U.”

Rainy Milo is now set to release This Thing Of Ours – her first full-length debut LP completed with the help of Eldad Guetta and producer and frequent collaborator Daje – via Limey/EMI on March 3rd. With all of these amazing credits and an armful of brand new tracks under her belt, we felt it only right to get Rainy Milo’s take on things ahead of the album release. Read what she had to say in her OKP interview and hear some more key tracks below:

OKP: Who is Rainy Milo? What you can tell us about yourself that we may not know yet?

RM: I’m an 18-year old singer songwriter from South East London and I feel as if though most of what there really is to know about me is in my music

OKP: Word is a bidding war broke out after you released the song “Bout You” online. Can you talk about that experience and how it affected you?

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