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Jai Paul’s Brother A.K. Steps Out Of The Shadows With Nao And It’s “So Good”

Jai Paul’s Brother A.K. Steps Out Of The Shadows With Nao And It’s “So Good”

Nao vs. A.K. Paul - "So Good"

Nao vs. A.K. Paul - "So Good"


A.K. Paul is the long-veiled hand behind his brother Jai’s quiet success in the left-field funk spectrum. In his showcased debut “So Good” we find the Paul-of-all-trades getting his proper shine on a track with British newcomer Naoproviding ample support on a groove that is no doubt sculpted from the same tonal pool as his brother in blood and arms. It’s dynamic guitar work, ranging from phased and fuzzed to gleaming clean, punctuating yet cerebral synth-scapes and all within the tried and true framework of the r&b tradition. And let’s not forget those hollowed-out and layered vocal treatments, bearing an uncanny resemblance to baby bro’s compositions.  All good things from the Paul family. Now if we could just get that album out, we’d really have something going. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to settle for this impressive debut. And you best believe by it’s title that it is, in fact, “So Good.” Stream the monstrous unveiling of A.K Paul in his sublime future funk duet with Nao below.

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