Pharrell Unearths Never-Heard N.E.R.D. Song “Locked Away” On Beats 1 Radio

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Pharrell Unearths Never-Heard N*E*R*D Song "Locked Away" On Beats 1 Radio #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

N.E.R.D. fans have caught the short end of the stick in terms of new material in the five years since the innovative trio’s 2010 release Nothing. And even with all of the success that Chad, P and Shay have enjoyed over the years (with Pharrell obviously garnering the bulk of the shine in all segments of industry) I imagine the devout N.E.R.D.S. have been looking for something to hold them over. Well, fear not, folks. Pharrell’s Beats 1 program may just be that showcase op you’ve been waiting for, starting with this week’s installment, where P blew the dust off a vaulted cut from the trio’s studio sessions, and all after detailing his random run-ins with Michael Jacksonwho famously turned down a grip of tracks P had presented him, going on to provide the foundation for Justin Timberlake‘s solo debut Justified. “Locked Away” harks back with ease to the trio’s later years, touched with a bit of that easy-skanking, shoegaze goodness, and plenty of the melodic cues we’ve long loved from this extra-potent side-project. Hit the link below to peep the new-ish sounds from N.E.R.D and watch the clip of P discussing his time with The King Of Pop for some atmosphere.

>>>Hear N.E.R.D’s freshly-unearthed “Locked Away” (via Apple Music)

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