Mixtape Mondays: FUTURONOSTRO, Jamie XX, Chairman Mao, DJ Nore + More

FUTURONOSTRO mixtape lead

FUTURONOSTRO mixtape lead

Monday is for Mixtapes. This week we are proud to lead off with some French future soul from Futuronostro (that’s a superhero team up of our dudes at No(w)FUTUR and the excellent beats-oriented French label/crew Cosmonostro–more on them soon!) as well as some UK club sounds from Jamie XX x Boiler Room, afro-beats from DJ Nore and solid soul from Chairman Mao venturing ‘across 135th street’ yet again (R.I.P. Bobby Womack, that original pioneer of crossing uptown streets–9th Wonder created a tribute mix in honor of the fallen soul legend, which we felt needed its own post). Hit play on those below to get out Monday on track–and stay tuned as we add more essential mixes through out the day; it’s Mixtape Monday all day.

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