Mixtape Monday: Kai Alice x Deep House, Mos Def & More!

Mixtape Monday: Kai Alcé x Deep House Premiere, Mos Def Throwbacks, Check The Technique, Captain Planet & Many More

Kai Alice Live At Nonis Deep House Mixtape Cover

Welcome back to another autumnal edition of Mixtape Monday, where things are getting a little cooler and crisper with each passing week. Thanks to an extra-productive sound community, we’ve got an extra-balanced roundup at the ready with something for every lover of great music. First up is the world premiere of a new deep house set from NYC+ATL+Detroit legend Kai Alcé, which he generously bestowed upon us in the name of Mixtape Monday. Past Alcé’s bass-heavy selections lies an ingenious mix made of material sampled on Mos Def‘s now-classic Black on Both Sides, as well as the newest Check the Technique tape, a mix of front-to-back old school beats and rhymes compiled in honor of the Check the Technique hip-hop history book due out this month. Plus there’s some guaranteed African and Brazilian dopeness coming, plus rumor has it a brand new Urban Survival Guide is on the way. You best keep your browser locked and your headphones plugged in–the mixtape upload/download is live and ready for you.

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